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Tips to score 95% in class 10 Science paper

You can also refer to online study material for that particular question. Always remember making an effective plan is very easy but very difficult to maintain. Students usually stop following plans/schedules that would give them success. Therefore, make sure to follow the plan and forecast your future. A faculty member of a top school in howrah provides the best planning method for students’ success in the future. Biology – It incorporates plenty of diagrams, so in terms of board exam preparation tipsfor biology, it is relevant to give extra attention to diagrams and their theory.

Use your last 3 months in reading or practicing those notes and not collecting them. CBSE Class 10 Science Board Exams 2023 will be held on March 4, 2023, so the students have no days left to prepare for their science paper. To help students with their board exam preparation at the last minute so that they can score more than 95% marks, we have compiled a list of helpful tips. CBSE Class 10 Science question papers from the past years are very important for students if they want to achieve full scores in the exam. If the question papers of the past few years are analysed well, students will see that there are certain kinds of questions from certain topics that are asked every year. Also, some questions have a pattern of repetition after every few years. Although a guess, practising such questions are very important and will benefit you a lot in scoring good marks.

how to score good marks in science

You can also start with the subject which you find easy and interesting. Since you are also aiming to crack competitive exam so, you have study from reference books along with NCERT book. Be focused and dedicated towards your studies. And remember that only through hard work you can achieve your goal. I am studying in 12th grade now from HSC board.

For these questions, you should not spend more than 15 minutes. Then 5 marks questions which are the most lengthy questions should be attempted. The total number of questions carrying 5 marks are 6. For these questions, we need to spend only 60 minutes. We firstly need to attempt 1 marks question.

Challenge Yourself Regularly

All you need is to be dedicated towards your goal. Keep on doing the hard work and you will definitely score 90+ marks. Hello Shruta, the subject in which you are weaker, you have to give more attention to that subject. Study regularly chemistry and make your notes.

Classification of Drugs: Types, Functions & Chemical Composition

It’s just board exam and the result depends on your practice so, instead of thinking about the exam, practice for the exam. And It’s important to practice sample papers and previous year papers. Yes, you can score good marks in your board exam.

CBSE Class 10th Updates and Notifications

These questions are descriptive and 1mark questions. Now I am in 12th grade and seems like everything is tough.Everyone keeps telling me you are just a loser so don’t waste time. Hello Shailendra, you need to practice meditation. Also, first you need to bring motivation and passion for study. And when i complete one subject i get worried that is it completed or not why is ..

This way you will have an idea of what you’re going to study the next day and strategizing every day for every subject’s preparation. All the exam papers, including the additional ones, are 80 marks written exam and 20 marks internal assessment. The pass mark is 33% for respective subjects. In case a student fails in any one of the five major subjects, the students get the chance to replace the low-scored subject with any of the optional ones. 75 is the distinction percentage in CBSE Class 10. Starting the exam preparation is a key factor in acing the exams. However, students should first focus on clearing the concepts before trying to solve the numerical.

Sir,I fully understand the concepts but can’t remember all the formulas and processes accurately.So many! Firstly I want to tell you that don’t take much stress about your studies. Keep your mind calm and try to understand the basic concept of the formulas don’t try to rote memorization anything. We also give you the timetable which you can follow. Do not let your confidence down, when you find something is still to study. Let it be, do not ruin all other topics just because of that single thing.

But you need to clear your doubts by yourself or you can ask your teachers in your school. Hello Ghulam, you need to practice more and more. Give proper time to each subject and study regularly. The root cause for all your problems is the improper understanding of the topics. For subjects like Physics and Chemistry, if your basics concepts are not clear then you will always find them torturing your brain. So, try to first clear the basics of the topic and then move on to it’s advance concepts.

Once the exam bell rings and question papers are distributed, gather all your mental strength and convince yourself that you will do great. Read each question t seva in detail and chalk a plan as which ones you will do first. Attempt the questions that you know very well. Starting with these will boost your confidence.